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About US

The Fountain Aqua Effect diverse set of product design engineering and construction.
Hydraulic engineering, electronics, software, storage of materials and parts, which together with this collection of highly skilled engineers, we have tried to build a modular system with good quality.


Heads has been designed as a modular construction which causes all operations and tests done at the factory and during installation, the minimum time and technical knowledge is required.

  • Modular system
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Ability to increase to 20 meters in length
  • Rapid design of a demonstration program
  • provide periodic service
  • How to Work?

    Fountain system including a large number of electric valves are very small in size, which can be controlled at certain times, such as a printer, photos and letters in the vertical space mapping. With the proper lighting effects and beautiful can be created on the water column and at various events and places to environmental beautification or the messaging. Audio control system was able to sync with the sound of beautiful harmonies and light and sound design will be .

    • trade centers

      • Pools
      • Passages
      • Water Park
      • Chain stores
      • Entertainment centers
      • Trade centers and shopping
    • Exhibition

      • Conferences
      • Fair trade
      • Hall Celebration
      • Landscaping factory
      • Corporate buildings
      • Concerts and Ceremonies
    • City Appearance

      • Parks
      • Boulevards
      • Main Square
      • Urban Seminar
      • Office buildings
      • Terminal and the Metro Urban